Portland Underground Film Festival 2019 (PUFF)

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We want to announce that we are moving the next Portland Underground Film Festival three months forward to the weekend of January 17-19, 2020.

The team here at PUFF has had quite a year in the last two months. We've had some wonderful accomplishments and some sad personal losses. Suffice to say that an abundance of life has prevented us from giving PUFF the attention required for an October screening.

One major factor in this decision is that we love to have filmmakers participate when possible, so we want to give them plenty of notice about acceptance. We have received a great number of amazingly high quality submissions from around the globe, and we're making those tough choices now. We'll let everyone know in November about their status.

Thanks for participating, thanks for understanding, and thanks for being fans of independent cinema.

Here's to PUFF2020, January 17-19 at the Clinton Street Theater.

As always,

Lani Jo & Roger Leigh
Festival Directors


Underground films are borne out of love, not out of a desire for fame or to have an impact on popular culture. The Portland Underground Film Festival (PUFF) has, at its core, a mission to pay tribute to those films and videos that challenge commonly held attitudes toward technique, content, and form. Our intent is to honor those films that excel in pushing the boundaries of the cinematic arts to create a new audio-visual language.

Each film, no matter the length, uniquely examines, explores, and celebrates the creative process and provides glimpses into deep universal themes. We can't wait to share these films with the Portland community.

We curate a wide-ranging program reflecting unique and new voices films that excel in pushing the boundaries of the cinematic arts to create a new audio-visual language. We’re looking for documentaries, music videos, horror/sci-fi, comedy, political commentary and experimental abstracts.

To make this art accessible to all, festival admission is “pay what you can."