The Portland Underground Film Festival believes that underground films are borne out of love, not out of a desire for fame or to have an impact on popular culture. Our intent is to honor those films that excel in pushing the boundaries of the cinematic arts to create a new audio-visual language.

What’s an underground film, anyway? Most film scholars and critics agree that a film is "underground" when it has a personal statement that dissents radically in form, or in technique, or in content, or perhaps in all three. How that dissension is expressed can vary widely from film to film.

Commonly, these films show great creativity in their funding as well, since most do not have outside backing or large budgets.

In keeping with PUFF tradition, we do not ask for submission fees, so there is NO financial impediment to entry. The festival does not make a profit, so there are no screening fees available, though we do manage to have a few perks for the filmmakers that can attend.

The primary goal is to nurture a worldwide underground filmmaking community and to generate a global interest in the films we make and exhibit. Submissions are accepted from the global filmmaking community, with special attention given to filmmakers from the Pacific Northwest.