The Portland Underground Film Festival was founded in 2004, and for nine years was THE place in the Pacific Northwest to find films and videos by artists with limited means and big imaginations. Clinton Street Theater was PUFF's primary home during this time, with other screenings at secondary locations; and for three days each year, we celebrated filmmakers of all genres who were bent upon realizing a personal and independent cinematic vision. After theater ownership changed hands in 2012 and the remaining founder moved to Sacramento, California in 2014, PUFF took a two-year hiatus.

With the loss of the Experimental Film Festival of Portland in 2015, few opportunities existed in Portland to see film arts that are alternatives to mainstream entertainment, and PUFF started up again in 2017 to fill that void. 

The 2017 Portland Underground Film Festival was a blast! We received submissions from all over the United States, and from England, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Israel, too. We had three evenings and two afternoons of programming enjoyed by more than 250 movie-goers.

This year we’ve curated a wide-ranging program reflecting unique and new voices films that excel in pushing the boundaries of the cinematic arts to create a new audio-visual language. We’ve got something for everyone—documentaries, music videos, horror/sci-fi, comedy, political commentary and experimental abstracts. Each film no matter the length uniquely examines, explores, and celebrates the creative process and provides glimpses into deep universal themes. We can't wait to share these films with the Portland community.