Scenes from a Transient Home

Saturday, January 18, 5:30pm
Film Synopsis

Filmed on Super 8mm, "Scenes from a Transient Home" presents a fractured portrait of life for Zimbabwean migrants when they travel back home to visit. Christmas dancing, New Years Eve celebrations, house floods, and illegal gold panning are just a few of the events filmed by Roger Horn who bookends the film with a major life event for his family. 

Visuals were filmed on multiple Super 8mm film stocks in Cape Town, South Africa and Harare, Victoria Falls, and Kadoma, Zimbabwe. The audio spans four years of casual conversations, observations, and video elicitation from Zimbabwean migrant women as part of filmmaker Roger Horn’s PhD research.

13 minutes
Roger Horn
South Africa
Year completed
Student Film
PhD film - University of Cape Town
Roger Horn
Filmmaker Bio

Roger Horn lectures in Visual Anthropology, Documentary Production, and Film Studies, drawing upon his 20 years of experience across various disciplines and media outlets for inspiration. Additionally, Roger recently completed his PhD in Social Anthropology titled, "Memories, material culture, and methodology: Employing multiple filmic formats, forms, and informal archives in anthropological research among Zimbabwean migrant women" along with accompanying films. 

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