Comrade Cano

Saturday, January 18, 2:30pm
Film Synopsis

David Cano Garcia, a social hero and leader of the 30th Section of the Sindicato de Trabajadores Petroleros de la República Mexicana, was murdered in 1940. Seventy eight years later, his memory remains alive throughout his grandson, Raul Rubio Cano, who still thinks in him with plenty of love and respect.

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Sergio Osvaldo Valdés Arriaga
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Sergio Osvaldo Valdés Arriaga
Filmmaker Bio

Sergio Osvaldo Valdés Arriaga is a mexican screenwriter and film director born in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon and graduated from Facultad de Artes Visuales (Faculty of Visual Arts) of the UANL, with a degree in Language and Audiovisual Productions. From july 2014 to may 2015, he was an intern in Agencia Bengala, a production company from Diego Enrique Osorno and Gabriel Nuncio. From december 2014 to november 2018, he wrote reviews about documentaries in El Barrio Antiguo and since november 2015, he started to write reviews about movies in his personal blog.

Since march 2017, he creates video essays about cinema in his Youtube channel, Cliffhanger. In august 2017, he was an assistant in Vaquero al Mediodía (TBA), a documentary feature of Diego Enrique Osorno and also, participated in the calls of Democracia en Corto 2016-2017 and Reto Doctubre 2017, with his short documentaries: The burden of a pencil and Class 306.

In 2018, he went to the workshops of Polos Audiovisuales Nuevo Leon and the master class ¨In Front of a Camera¨, from the film school, Arte 7, given by Alejandro Guerrero and Alejandro Iglesias Mendizábal, both actor and director of the feature film Sopladora de Hojas (2015). His short film, Generic (2018) was selected in the screening of the Portland Underground Film Festival 2018 and Libre Cinema Festival IV. He also went to the Workshop of Conceptualization of Cinematic Projects from CONARTE, given by Hugo Valdés, narrator and essayist, and Rubén Gutiérrez, visual artist and filmmaker. In 2019, he started Voces de la Ciudad, a documentary project that functions as a digital archive to the memory of Nuevo Leon.

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