Friday, January 17, 6:00pm
Film Synopsis

Hunks is an animated reaction to bullish male stereotypes in rock culture. When asked to create a short for a rock group, the filmmakers thought about the grueling institution of male posturing in the rock world and how difficult and demeaning it can be to insist that men live up to the macho, scumbag ideal of rock music culture. The animation is hand drawn, scanned and printed as puppets, then captured and animated under the camera, then finished and edited digitally.

3 minutes
Katie Kapuza
United States of America
Year completed
Filmmaker Bio

By applying abstraction and a dark sense of humor, Katie creates short films and music videos that defy convention and embark on the unusual via both a tried-and-true approach as well as trial and error. She veers toward the non-narrative, the bizarre and the misunderstood to tell stories of inanimate objects in surprising situations. Katie Kapuza lives and breathes in Chicago, IL.


Film image
hunk face