Coma Berenices

Saturday, January 18, 1:00pm
Film Synopsis

In a hypothetical intergalactic journey we could not recognize any constellation, the mapping of the celestial sphere is nothing but a vice of the gaze. The proximity close to any star we would identify others, visible only from this new perspective: the sighting. 

To the keen eye, pixels are stars and everything is possessed. 


6 minutes
Mariachiara Pernisa and Morgan Menegazzo
Year completed
Menegazzo/Pernisa picture
Filmmaker Bio

04/20/76 Lendinara, Italy.
After his studies in cinematography at the University of Bologna, where he attended the DAMS (Discipline of Arts, Music and Show business) course, he graduated from the NUCT (New University of Cinema and Television) in Cinecittà.
Director, author and editor, since 2001 he has been involved in the making of movies, documentaries and video installations.

9/9/81 Lugo, Italy.
Her work revolves around pictures.
She graduated at the Accademia di Belle Arti (Academy of Fine Arts) in Bologna and earned a master's degree in film editing and photography at the Accademia di Cinema e Televisione Griffith (Academy of Cinema and Television) in Rome.
Author and movie editor, since 2001 she has been making movies, documentaries and video installations.

In 2001, Hankgefmobility, an independent multidisciplinary project including videos, films and documentaries, was born from their meeting.
Their works were released in movie theaters, at the Cineteca Nazionale (National Film Archive) in Rome, at the Up & Coming biennial in Hanover and at MART in Rovereto; they were also broadcast by national broadcasting companies and satellite networks such as Rai, Al Jazeera and Russia Today. Many of his works were selected by national and international film festivals, such as Torino Film Festival, Mostra del Nuovo Cinema in Pesaro, Haverhill Experimental Film festival and Experiments in Cinema.

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