Romina's White Gala (La cena Blanca de Romina)

Saturday, January 18, 5:30pm
Film Synopsis

There is a magical night for the girls of the town of San Pedro, Jujuy (Argentina).
A night in the life in which girls are princesses as in fairy tales: the White Gala, the traditional graduation party of the province. Romina Tejerina could not have it: the day of her White Gala she was imprisoned after murdering her newborn baby product of an unpunished savage rape she had suffered.
This documentary explores the looks of a town that celebrates its nightlife but measures the length of the skirts of its teen girls; the omnipresence of the Catholic Church; the word of its Mayor that says "if my daughter says 'dad, they raped me', I answer 'honey, your dad is not stupid, you consented it', the voice of those who took the case as their own and defended Tejerina against laws and prejudices, the work of the family, whose life turned 180 degrees, the right to abortion, the organization of the women who achieved their freedom and what remains to be done.

59 minutes
Francisco Rizzi y Hernán Martín
Year completed
Film image
Still of women's march
Still of the white gala
still of the church during mss