Potion: Dark Matter

Friday, January 17, 6:00pm
Film Synopsis

The Exoplanet Travel Bureau, your premiere space travel agency, offers package tours of our galaxy and beyond. Last season, the crème de la crème went geyser-gazing on Enceladus. So what’s in store for this season? We’re offering the ultimate staycation. Stick around your own solar system with tour packages to Mars, Jupiter, and a sweeping tour of all four outer planets. One lucky winner will receive a free trip so save your spot today!

5 minutes
Annie Maley
United States of America
Year completed
Annie Maley, multidisciplinary artist
Filmmaker Bio

The futurists of the early 1900s imagined the future in a fantastic and whimsical way—much less practical and sterile then is our current reality, nearly 100 years after their creations. From the science fiction of Jules Verne and the surrealist films of Jean Cocteau, to the cinema triumph of Fritz Lang's Metropolis, these visions of the future inspire multidisciplinary artist Annie Maley in her music, design, animation and short film production. In all her work she endeavors to explore this sense of magic and whimsy while maintaining the fragile humanity that creates it. Her first experimental film/music video, Potion: Dark Matter, is no exception.

Film image
Potion: Dark Matter Cover Image still
Potion: Dark Matter "Mars" still
Potion: Dark Matter "Robotic Pioneers" still
Potion: Dark Matter "Fun For the Whole Family" still
Potion: Dark Matter "Once-In-A-Lifetime Getaway" still
Potion: Dark Matter "The Grand Tour" still
Potion: Dark Matter Film Poster