Friday, January 17, 6:00pm
Film Synopsis

Inspirational mark making to music as a visual representation of sounds.
Exploring the relationship between sound and picture, this film is inspired by the two lights (twi-light) found inside of film projectors.
Experimental animation created by drawing both sound and picture directly onto 35mm film.

Sounds are made by hand from drawing Spirograph moiré patterns onto clear mylar sheets, cut out and then stuck on 35mm film optical sound area, played through a moviola and recorded into a computer for composition..
Visual shapes were airbrushed and hand painted onto orange mask (negative film), then printed positive for further rendering by bleaching or scratching into the films emulsion before the final print copy was made.

2 minutes
Richard Reeves
Year completed
Student Film
Richard Reeves portrait photo
Filmmaker Bio

.. spinner of zoetrope’s, looper of loops, light beam projector magic, time traveler and storyteller…

Richard creates experimental abstract animations often applying both sound and picture directly onto film.

He instructs workshops and live performance, expanded cinema, featuring multi-projections, 16mm violins with human projections screens.

Richard continues to explore and create new animation as a visual music time and space artform.

Film image
Twilight freeze frame