Saturday, January 18, 1:00pm
Film Synopsis

"Duet" is an audiovisual piece exploring the relationship between two sisters. In separate existence, their eventual permeation is found with synchrony and saturation.

3 minutes
Jeanette Fantone
United States of America
Year completed
Student Film
California Institute of the Arts
Jeanette Fantone - Director Headshot
Filmmaker Bio

Jeanette Fantone is a budding filmmaker, whose work has largely developed from an interest in storytelling through abstract sonic visualization. Originally from the serene, beachy location of Santa Barbara County, California, they now pursue an Experimental Animation BFA at CalArts. Jeanette endeavors to create work that embraces personal vulnerability in its most immediate, raw, and honest forms. Accompanied by a modest love for music production, they also generate film scores and soundtracks by their own intuition, in turn allowing for an exciting exploration of audiovisual artmaking and aesthetics.

Film image
Duet Poster
Duet Still 1
Duet Still 2
Duet Still 3
Duet Still 4
Duet Still 5