Man of Many

Saturday, January 18, 4:00pm
Film Synopsis

There is always something that changes a man, whether he believes it or not. 

13 minutes
Gustavo J. Ramirez
United States of America
Year completed
Filmmaker Bio

Born and raised in the mean streets of New York City, Gustavo J. Ramirez always had a love for Films since a young age. At 18 he joined the U.S. Army upon his returned home to NYC, his brother, Carlos J. Ramirez, got into filmmaking while his absence, and they both began working together. Gustavo Primarily as a film Actor. 

Creating such classics short films as White cane, Adam and a small Web series by name of "The First Kill". 

Since then Gustavo Has moved around a bit, from Florida to to Portland Oregon, where he continues to be an actor both in film and on the stage (theater). Gustavo now join the ranks of filmmakers  as a writer, producer and director several pieces.

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