In Pieces

Saturday, January 18, 4:00pm
Film Synopsis

Two young men, a neurotic and naive college student and a cool but caring rock musician, separately recount the story of the night they fell in love, wondering all the while if the other feels the same way. 

A twist on the American sex comedy, the film combines bawdy humor, contemporary music, and an ensemble of side characters to explore the notion that a full story can't be understood until all the pieces are assembled.

10 minutes
Monty Wolfe
United States of America
Year completed
Student Film
Portland State University School of Film
Photo of Monty Wolfe
Filmmaker Bio

Monty Wolfe is a reluctant inhabitant of this reality; an alien in a world of aliens. He uses photography, film, and writing to humbly explore the nature of life, consciousness, and existence. 

Monty currently resides in Portland, Oregon, pulled there by the gears and clockwork that drive our lives - destiny, burning bushes and all that stuff. He lives to break patterns, face fears, and exist in the moment; a challenge met daily with ferocity and style.

Film image
Promotional poster for In Pieces with winning laurels
Still image from In Pieces with Connor McGarry and Hayden Alminiana
Still image from In Pieces with Connor McGarry