she's not gonna get more dead

Sunday, January 19, 2:45pm
Film Synopsis

in the film "daybreak" willie's character admonishes torch, who's been avoiding talking about willie's deceased mother, his lover.  willie lets torch know "she's not gonna get more dead.  she's as dead as she's gonna get."  this video uses footage from "being mary jane" and select excerpts of black women vampires to meditate on what makes someone, and what it might look like to be, more than dead.  

6 minutes
ariella tai
United States of America
Year completed
close-up of a light-skinned black person with their head resting on their right hand.
Filmmaker Bio

ariella tai is a video artist, film scholar, and independent programmer from queens, new york.  they are interested in the materiality of black bodies and black performance as vernaculars which subvert, interrupt or defy the diegetic cohesiveness of narrative.  they currently re-appropriate, glitch and video process existing media in attempts to rupture and reconstruct some of the messier emotional realities of black femme existence.  they are one half of “the first and the last,” a fellowship, workshop and screening series supporting and celebrating the work of black women and femmes in film, video and new media art.