Saturday, January 18, 7:00pm
Film Synopsis

One girl live in dark invisible storms. Her eyes are the door to a memory hiding place, where one unsolved mystery shows on loop.

6 minutes
Leonardo Guardianelli
Leonardo Guardianelli face picture
Filmmaker Bio

Leonardo Guardianelli (Born April 22, 1995) is an Argentinian visual artist. Born in General San Martín (Chaco), he started his career studying draw and paint. Since 2012 paints biblic scenes and portraits. In 2013 he moves to Resistencia City, and starts to make non-pictoric artowrks, experiencing with photography, collage and video. He was introduced in flim-making with the short films “Estrella”, “El círculo rojo” y “8mm”. At 2016 he attends animation and interactive art workshops in the Digital Art bachelor’s degree of the Autonomous University of the Mexican State (UAEM), awarded by JIMA (Jóvenes de Intercambio México-Argentina). Since 2017 he make ilustrations and animation like a freelancer. At present he work in his Bachelor’s degree thesis for the Combined Arts career of the National Northeast University (UNNE), teaches plastic art in the Da Vinci workshop (Resistencia) and produces visual and video artworks.

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