Riverpool - HiLo

Friday, January 17, 6:00pm
Film Synopsis

This is the music video for the song HiLo by Seattle band, Riverpool. The essence of the video explores the highs and lows of our country's past and present with an emphasis on the idea that we can, and need to, do better.

4 minutes
Nate Haight
United States of America
Year completed
Nate standing on the bow of a big boat
Filmmaker Bio

Nate is a Quality Assurance Engineer for a software company in Portland, Oregon that allows him to pursue passion projects in his spare time. He earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Effects and Motion Graphics from The Art Institute of Portland in 2015 and has been virtually blowing things up, setting things on fire and transporting humans to other dimensions ever since. Nate particularly enjoys making quality music videos for independent musicians; mainly so he can tell people he’s “with the band”.

Film image
Lead singer, Carey, performing on the green screen
Wide shot of the garage we filmed in
Singer, Carey, helps bassist, Ian, get his hair camera-ready
Screen grab from the video of a wide shot of the band performing in the virtual office set
Screen grab from the video of the band members standing in an elevator
Bassist, Ian, performing on the green screen
Guitarist, Justin, performing on the green screen
Drummer, Matt, performing on the green screen
Matt conveying his feelings regarding comments on his performance from the peanut gallery with a one finger salute