Friday, January 17, 9:00pm
Film Synopsis

Damián, a vampire obsessed with a mysterious woman named Roxana, finds the chance to become her into the eternal, while for Roxana the grief and pain of her lost family will take her life into another path, carrying devastating consequences... mostly for Damián.

15 minutes
Jose Luis Anaya
Year completed
Writer/Director Jose Luis Anaya. Author of "Damian"
Filmmaker Bio

José Luis Anaya. Actor and Director. He began his studies in Method Acting, before studying the acting program at drama school CasAzul Argos. Holds a BA in Communications with a Film minor from Universidad Iberoamericana and a Master's degree in Film Studies from Casa Lamm. He's currently studying a Master's degree in Filmmaking (Directing & Screenwriting) at Facultad de Cine film school in México City. He has acted professionally in film, theatre & television. "Damián" is his first short film, horror genre, and his introduction into the cinema world as a film director. His 2nd short film "La decisión de Lourdes", drama genre, is now complete, and also working on his 3rd and 4th short films, both thriller and supernatural horror genre, soon to start production. He's also working on his first feature film "ALTER" during the Filmmaking Master's, in which he will be both the Lead Actor and Director.

Film image
Still Frame of "Damian", with star David Negrete
Still Frame of "Damian", with stars David Negrete & Isabel Aerenlund
Still Frame of "Damian", with stars David Negrete & Isabel Aerenlund
Still Frame of "Damian", with stars David Negrete, Montserrat Simó and Axel Fernandez
Official Poster of "DAMIAN", designed by Jose Luis Anaya, with previous film fest official selections