Second Life

Saturday, January 18, 1:00pm
Film Synopsis

This short was created with the intent to simulate dreams as I experience them. We spend roughly a third of our life asleep. When we dream an entirely new world, unique to our individual subconscious, bursts open and in it we experience  the most marvelous and strange things; this is our second life. This is a glimpse of my second life. 

5 minutes
Esther Herron
United States of America
Year completed
Photo of a woman (selfie) sitting in a park, hair is red and in a side braid.
Filmmaker Bio

Art is a very intuitive process for me, I usually only start out with a feeling or thought that I can't express in words. This is an attempt to expand my practice and learn different art forms. Collage, mixed media, painting, drawing, and sometimes photography, are my usual mediums.

I hope to expand to more narrative projects in the future. As I learn more about the technical aspects of film making (and how to clean things up, like audio) I will be turning out short videos as often as I can.

Everything is shot by myself. Tools are my iPhone, free editing software (Lightworks) a busted tripod, and some basic makeshift practical effects. The music is also made by myself in my parents garage, mostly on an old out of tune upright piano stashed away under a bike rack and a sheet covered in cat hair.

Film image
There's a mirror suspended in a jasmine tree, reflecting the cloudy sky.