The Request

Sunday, January 19, 1:30pm
Film Synopsis

Rafael, a northern muleteer, along with his best friend, crosses the sierra of the state of Sonora expecting to find a retired rural policeman, an Acordada. Seeking revenge, Rafael meets Jesús Santos, an old rancher who worked for the rural police in his youth. Spending the night with the old man and after a few drinks, Rafael discovers that Jesús Santos it is a supernatural being known by native americans as The Nahual.

15 minutes
Paco Espinoza
Year completed
Paco Espinoza
Filmmaker Bio

I started empirically in audiovisual production, developing small projects of short film and videoclip 12 years ago. The last 10 years i have been able to enroll in a series of filmmaking workshops and documentary filmmaking certification programs in my region. I have collaborated as Screenwriter, Producer, Director, Concept artist, 2D Animator, storyboard illustrator, Camera Assistant and Cinematographer in professional or amateur features and shortfilms films. I also have ventured into the production of documentaries and production of contents about the conservation of intangible cultural heritage of indigenous tribes in the state of Sonora, Mexico.

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