Food Cart

Friday, January 17, 9:00pm
Film Synopsis

Ali is a talented chef and Food Cart owner in Portland, Oregon. After falling behind on rent, a tragic accident forces Ali to make a change in his father's recipe. He becomes an overnight sensation but finds achieving his dream of opening a restaurant means selling his soul.

18 minutes
Lucas Longacre
United States of America
Year completed
Lucas on set directing the final scene of Food Cart.
Filmmaker Bio

Lucas Longacre's extensive technical expertise was earned through over 20 years in the industry; dangling from the rafters as a grip for Nickelodeon, shining a light into Paul McCartney's face as PA for MTV, running tapes and batteries for cable news at ground zero during the 9-11 attacks, capturing location audio for Extreme Makeover Home Edition, interviewing celebrities on red carpet events, recording audio for Rockstar Games at their motion capture studio. Directing Alec Baldwin for US Open spots (more like being directed by Alec Baldwin); Lucas has worked professionally in almost every position in almost every format. Buy him a beer and he will chew your ear off for hours with his weird adventures.

He's THE one-man band, producing and directing from behind the camera with audio gear dangling from his belt. And as he will remind his students at the Northwest Documentary (where he teaches workshops), "Audio is the 50% of your product, and the most underappreciated part."

Lucas' skills allowed Iron Way to capture our feature length documentary, Big Dream, in 4 countries on a limited budget and even smaller timeline, and created the visual narrative for the first food series of its kind, now on it's 5th season at PBS.

His short films have been accepted into festivals and won awards. Once upon a time he won 2nd best fight choreography for his short, Beat, at the Action on Film Festival. He's been profiled in the Oregon Business Journal. He has won Best Director at Oregon Scream Week for his latest short film Food Cart; a celebration and lampoon of the Portland food scene.

Film image
Ali and his food cart.
Rick's demise.
Nikki and Ali surveying the crowd.
Ali disturbed while doing serious work.
Randy gets violent.
The gang at the cart.
Here's to always being hungry.
Ali realizing what he has done.
Nikki comforts Ali before his big dinner.
Official Poster for Food Cart