Anthropocene Antiphony

Sunday, January 19, 4:00pm
Film Synopsis

Fake News, alternative truths, global warming skeptics, apocalyptic prophets, survivalist preppers, end time logistics, peak oil apologists, climate change deniers; doomsday scenario.

Twitter storms, extreme weather alerts, spiking temperatures, rising tides, disappearing coastlines, an endless summer, a nuclear winter, the silent spring. Intra-species conflict, declining infrastructures, disappearing ecosystems, forced migration, opportunistic pathogens, mass extinction; the uncontained and the uncontainable. 

A biotic crisis, a natural catastrophe, a man-made disaster, an extinction level event; the wonders and terrors of an unintended epoch.

The fossil record, the great flood, the great acceleration, a cry of outrage, the roar of the crowd, the silence of beyond... 

A lament, an elegy, or maybe even a dirge?

1 minute
My Name Is Scot
Year completed
Black and White closely cropped closeup of sunlight face in half shadow.
Filmmaker Bio

My Name Is Scot is interested in questions of technological prerogative, economic privilege, social alienation, and the limitations or possibilities of global citizenship. His installation, video, performance, text based and site specific intervention work has been seen in Canada, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, the United States, Africa and Latin America. Recent work includes Never For Ever@ Ikar Hut, Ohrid, Macedonia, Malefactor@ the Vancouver Art Gallery andThe Law of the Jungle @ Orbitas, Sámara, Costa Rica.His text based work has been published in the Capilano Review, danDelion, Front Magazine, Gave & Took, Valeveil, Geez and Geist Magazine.

Film image
Split screen with animatronic Brontosaurus head facing deflating 'Dancing Tube Man' .