The Iago Epilogue

Sunday, January 19, 1:30pm
Film Synopsis

In a gender-swapped meditation on a Shakespearean tragedy, Iago (KATHERINE GRANTSUTTIE) makes her final confession from his prison cell, under constant surveillance from cameras and a security guard (STEPHAN GOLDBACH). What led her to the manipulations that ended so many lives? And who is she trying to convince—her audience, her captors, or her own immortal soul?

14 minutes
Steven LaMorte
United States of America
Year completed
Katherine Grant-Suttie (headshot)
Filmmaker Bio

KATHERINE GRANT-SUTTIE (WRITER/PRODUCER/ACTOR) Katherine Grant-Suttie is an actress, writer, producer, and stuntwoman. On stage, she performed in the West Coast premiere of One Slight Hitch by Lewis Black at ACT Theatre. As a motioncapture performer, she has worked on Halo 5: Guardians and From Beneath , a new VR game coming out in December. She co-produces BRASS: a steampunk adventure serial , an awardwinning trans-media collection of audio dramas, live shows and short films, in which she also performs the character Gwendolyn Brass. Katherine grew up in Washington DC and graduated from graduated from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. She now lives in Portland and Los Angeles.

STEVEN LAMORTE (DIRECTOR/PRODUCER) Steven LaMorte is a freelance Director and Producer of feature films, television, commercials, web content, and music videos. During his studies at New York University Tisch School of the Arts, Steven majored in Film and Television Production. He also studied under Czech Cinematographers and Directors at NYU’s 35mm Film Production Program at Prague’s film school FAMU. Since moving to Los Angeles, Steven has directed several feature films, as well as television pilots and music videos. Most recently Steven produced a series of family films featuring talking tigers, lions, bears, and other exotic animals. Steven's upcoming projects include everything from action/adventure films to Virtual Reality experiences.

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