Swan Song to Sentience

Saturday, January 18, 1:00pm
Film Synopsis

An experimental, non-narrative, eco-documentary that explores the once intimate and increasingly distant relationship between humans and nature.

7 minutes
Sarah Little
United States of America
Year completed
Student Film
University of California, Santa Cruz
Filmmaker Bio

Sarah Little is a recent graduate from the University of California, Santa Cruz Film program. With an emphasis on experimental/avant-garde documentary, mixed media, and sensory experience Sarah's films seek to push the limits of cinema. Doing away with commercial narrative and documentary forms, Sarah's goal is to reach audiences through feeling, memory, and experiential probing.

Film image
Ocean waves juxtaposed with a puddle and faint drawings of human-like figures.
The title (Swan Song of Sentience), handwritten, overlaid on top of dense, mossy tree bark.
A spiderweb with faint drawings of human-like figures in a star-shaped formation.