A Happy Wound

Friday, January 17, 7:30pm
Film Synopsis

Penelope, a wounded woman, has been going through life avoiding pain, until one day, through an extraordinary and surreal event, she’s led to begin an internal voyage to face her greatest fear: to see her dark side; when facing it, she begins a journey of transformation.

14 minutes
Eugenia Llaguno
Year completed
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Filmmaker Bio

She is graduated from the Bachelor of International Trade at the University of Guadalajara and after a solid career in international business in Mexico and Europe, decided to study acting at Casa Azul attending classes of teachers as Teresina Bueno, Alejandro Calva, Alfonso Ruiz Palacios, Ana Francis Mor, Claudia Rios, among others. In 2006 she received the workshop "Dramaturgy of the Image" by Chilean playwright Marco Antonio de la Parra. In 2010 attends workshops of English teacher Julian Sedgwick "The Act of Flow in English" and later with Natalia Lazarus Artistic Director of Promenade Play House in Los Angeles. In Theatre she has participated in several plays such as "Caress” by Sergi Belbel and directed by Ignacio Guadalupe, "The Orphan Muses" by Michael Bouchard and directed by Claudia Rios, "The White Flower Withers" by Luis Manuel Bunuet, monologue "I, Ulrike, Scream" directed by Franka Rame and directed by Teresina Bueno. On television she has participated in several productions as TV series for the Bicentennial "Cries of Death and Freedom".

In 2007 she produced play cabaret style "Not Personal" which opens at the Teatro Bar el Vicio and later at Cafe 22. In 2009 produced and performed the play "Infidels" by Marco Antonio de la Parra debuting at Foro Shakespeare theatre and re-debuting in 2011 at Foro la Gruta theatre of Centro Cultural Helénico. Also in 2013 she received incentive supported by EFITEATRO for a tour in San Luis Potosi, Guanajuato, León, Guadalajara, Salamanca, Taxco and Queretaro, after that it opens for the third time and last season at Sala Chopin theatre in Mexico City. Same year she debuted as director and producer of her first short film “Party of Two”, which has been presented at Short Film Corner in Cannes 2014, Palm Springs International Short Film Fest 2014, Las Vegas International Film Fest 2014, Guadalajara International Film Fest 2015, BeFilm New York International Film Fest 2015, Rochester International Film Fest 2015, Alicante International Film Fest 2015, Marbella International Film Fest winning best short short film 2015.

Following her experience with her first short, she decided better prepared as director and producer in the workshops of film production in the National Section of Film Directors and Advanced Film Direction given by film director Luis Mandoki. As a result, since then she has produced and/or directed nine short films, which include the short film "The Stories Reader" by Edgardo Gonzalez, teaser "Little Crumb Bread Balls" and the short “UNA HERIDA FELIZ” (A Happy Wound) winner of  Autors Film Festival in Guadalajara. She just finished two new short films "Mr. Sweaters" and "Weird World", both in post production.

Film image
A real heart on street floor