Submission Guidelines

SUBMISSIONS are open for the 2019 festival!

Submission deadline is August 15, 2019.

  • Films submitted should be low to no-budget, not made for commercial purposes, and contain no big name stars.

  • Acceptance does NOT depend upon when a film was made, or whether or not it has played elsewhere.

  • We could care less about car chases, buildings that go boom, or famous faces in predictable roles.
    • We want to see films and video that convey deeper truths through unconventional methods--raw production values, great dialogue, edgy plots, distinctive voices, and poetry.
    • We want to celebrate filmmakers willing to take risks with technique, story, and characters.
  • All lengths and genres will be accepted, and, most importantly,
  • PUFF encourages diversity--films made by a variety of voices--women, people of color, folks of all ages, religions (or no religion), sexual preference, political affiliation, socio-economic status, and ethnicity.
    • Our main desire is that the films submitted have vision, soul, and a strong point of view.


In order for us to consider your work, you MUST have an online screener available. This can be posted streaming online (youtube, vimeo, etc.) or as a file download (google drive, dropbox, etc.). It is fine if the screener is watermarked or at a different quality than your festival screener, just note that in the form. WE WILL NOT ACCEPT PHYSICAL MEDIA FOR PREVIEW SCREENING PURPOSES.

My film meets this criteria,
and I'm ready to submit!